Frequently asked questions

    What kind of traffic can i send ?

    We welcome ONLY legal traffic profile, please avoid any illegal activity or traffic ( no fraud / Scam / missed call traffic )

    Please have your traffic profile handy so we can give you best pricing and quality, we would need to know:

    - ACD = Average Call Duration

    - ASR = Answer-Seizure Ratio

    - SDP = Short Duration Percentage

    - Daily average amount of minutes

    Which Payment methods can i use ?

    - PayPal ( You can safely do it thru web portal )

    - ACH or Wire transfer ( Keep in mind it can take up to 3 business days )

    - Crypto (very limited amounts )

    - Credit or Debit Card

    I want to sign up. What do you need to set my account up?

    Signing up is easy, fill in the form on the portal. One of our executives will review, we endeavor to have your account set up, tested and ready for use really fast. If there are no concerns, we can have you set and able to send traffic within hours.

    What is the Portal Link?

    What would be my username and password:

    username would be your email, and the password will be emailed securely to you.

    What codecs do you support?

    We offer uLaw, aLaw and G729 codecs for use by our clients. If you have peculiar needs, please contact us to discuss. We do our best to accommodate client needs.

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